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Deer Swimming in the Hudson River Gets Rescued

A whitetail deer found swimming in the Hudson River was rescued by alert fire and rescue teams.

Ask any deer hunter and you will find that they are quite aware of the brute strength that a whitetail deer has swimming in the water.

That said, even deer can't swim forever, and this one seemed to be tiring.

The teams from the North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue, New Jersey Humane Society and the Weehawken Police Department entered to save the day, according to the Jersey Journal.

Since it is so early in the year, it's impossible to tell from this distance as to whether or not it is a buck or a doe. The bottom line is that it is stuck swimming in the middle of a very urban area around tall jetties and boardwalk areas with no obvious route of escape.

Using the same tool used to wrestle animals on the ground, the rescue team was able to gain control of the deer and remove it from the water. Now it would just be a matter of finding a place to take it.

NHRFR Chief Frank Montagne said, "The deer first had to be set free before our team could snare the animal and take it back to land. I want to thank our firefighters as well as the New Jersey Humane Society and Weehawken Police Department for acting quickly and saving the life of the deer."

After bringing the deer back to land, it was so exhausted that it needed time to regain its strength. When the young whitetail was strong enough, Weehawken police officers then assisted the firefighters in bringing the deer to a wooded area near Weehawken, where it was successfully released back into the forest.

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