Fast Arrows
YouTube: The Hunting Public

Debating the Merits of Fast Arrows on Animals That Jump the String

Is speed really the most important factor for bowhunting?

In modern archery, it seems like speed is everything these days. Every major bow manufacturer is touting the latest and greatest in speed technology. Light and fast arrows are all the rage these days. Almost every bow is advertised with speed stats taking priority.

However, is speed really everything it is cracked up to be? How does the animal's natural reflexes to jump the string play into all this?

One of our favorite up and coming YouTube channels, the Hunting Public was pondering these same questions and they decided to make a video about it. Watch as they look back at several successful harvests of feral hogs and deer. Their discussion is fascinating and extremely relevant to anyone planning to head into the woods with a stick and string this year. If you have never watched these guys before, give them a shot. They know what they are talking about.

Perhaps we all get a little too over-excited when talking about the next big thing in archery comes along, which is natural. These guys have slowly migrated to using heavier arrows with simpler broadheads and the results have spoken for themselves. The guys at the Hunting Public consistently down large animals season after season, and they are not doing it on private ranches either. They are doing it on public lands with pressured animals that anyone can hunt.

Most notable here was the discussion on deer and pigs jumping the string. Too often, we as hunters forget about factoring this kind of error into our shots, especially in areas that receive tremendous hunting pressure. These animals are on edge and if your shot is not placed correctly, a slight flinch can lead to a wounded animal or worse, a complete miss. That is why cutting down the noise in your setup may be even more important than making sure it is fast.

It is not that you cannot kill deer or other big game with the latest and greatest either, but it is worth examining your own hunting setup and the scenarios where you will be using it. As you can see here, these guys do not always get ideal shot angles hunting on the ground, which is why it makes more sense to go to a heavier arrow that is quieter and provides more penetration.

In a way, the Hunting Public is really going back to basics with a lot of their equipment and techniques recently. These are the things that old archery books used to pound into everyone's heads as most important before speeds and light arrows became the popular thing. In any case, it is an interesting discussion and some factors worthy of consideration before the hunting seasons begin.

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