These Deadly Cold Water Fishing Techniques for Bass Will Set You Up for Winter and Spring

If you are lucky enough to have extended bass seasons you will want to watch these deadly cold water fishing techniques for bass to get them in the boat.

Here is some tips you need to apply when dealing with the frigid waters of winter and spring to keep hooking into those fat bass.

Fairly simple tips but often overlooked when we try to apply warm water techniques with little success when the bass are a bit more sluggish and discerning.

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Often I experience better results when the water is cold by going a little deeper and slowing down my retrieve to the boat. The bass in my area will have a tendency to be a little slower and less aggressive so I want to give them multiple chances to strike a lure. I often find using brighter lures and some of my flashier spoons more effective in the early season.

Don't be afraid to mix up your fishing styles in the early season or for late winter bass fishing, try out different lures, depths and retrieves and you will find the sweet spot to get some good hook-ups.