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Tube Lures for Smallmouth Bass Fishing is the Way to Go

Adding some tube lures for smallmouth bass fishing will bring results, check out this tutorial to find out how.

Watch as Kevin, from Kevin Sewell Fishing, shows how to get results by using tube lures for smallmouth bass. Not that much different from fly fishing, with its variety of flies, every bass fisherman should keep a wide array of lures on hand.

The tube lure is another great option to keep in the tackle box.

Some great tips, especially working the tubes a little slower and letting them bounce off the bottom to work into those nooks and crannies to trigger a strike.

I have to admit, I have a tendency to get fixated  on using just one type of lure, like jerk baits, so it is always good to watch videos like this to remind me to mix-it-up when out in the boat.

The beauty of tubes is that they are relatively cheap and you can keep mounting these soft lures on newer hooks to keep them ultra sharp and ready to catch those fat bass.


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Tube Lures for Smallmouth Bass Fishing is the Way to Go