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This Viral 'Dangle Temperament Test' May Predict a Cat's Personality

Let's face it: we all want our new kitten or puppy to be sweet, calm, and loving. However, sometimes we end up with a pet that has a bit of a feisty streak. As animal lovers, we'll adore them no matter what (even when they destroy our favorite shoes). But wouldn't it be nice if we knew which way the scale would tip ahead of time? Well, TikTok may have the solution we didn't know we needed. The "dangle temperament test" can give future cat owners an idea of whether their new furry family member will be full of sugar or a bit more spicy.

Veterinarian and social media personality Doctor Tori shared a video that demonstrates how the dangle test works with a sweet kitten.


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? Dangle - The Daylight Titans

First, the vet picks the kitten up, making sure the kitten's arms are level with her head. She holds the cat in her hands and says, "Apparently, if you dangle them like this and they're ok with it, then they'll be good cats." The sweet tiny kitten gently dangles, almost like she is enjoying the feeling of her legs swaying. Since the kitten didn't fuss, she passed the dangle test. Tori encourages her followers to do a stitch with her video testing their own pet's temperaments. The test may be a little unusual, but according to some viewers, it truly works.

Results were about 50/50. One follower commented that they knew which one of their cats would pass and which wouldn't, and the test was 100% accurate. Another said, "My tabby is much spicier than this," while another said, "My cat just turned into a Tasmanian Devil." After reading through the comments, it seems like TikTok users have some very strong-willed cats!

A few commented that their cat absolutely loves dangling, and they do it all the time. Though one user pointed out that dangling doesn't always mean they aren't feisty, writing, "FYI: My cat dangles, but she's a menace ? she hates me. She makes her own rules. I pay rent to her."

One hilarious comment said, "Instructions unclear. Adult cat currently playing with my severed limbs." Personally, I don't know if I'm quite brave enough to give this a test with my cat. Kudos to the cat owners who gave it a shot! Many viewers asked if it works with a dog, while one said they were going to give it a shot with their Great Dane.

In a follow-up video, Tori demonstrates the dangle test on her own pets, two cats and two dogs.


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? Dangle - The Daylight Titans

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Tori picks up one cat, who dangles nicely. Next, she demonstrates with her small dog. The pup also passes with flying colors, even though the dangle is slightly stiffer than her cat sibling. The next cat seems to love dangling in the air. Tori explains to be safe, "keep the arms and shoulders as one unit."

The last pup was not interested in participating. She is a much larger dog than her sister and made Tori work for the chance to dangle her. While the vet gave it her best shot, this pup was the only one who failed the dangle test. Either way, all of Tori's pets are adorable.

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