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Bill Jordan's Son Surprises Him With Gift of Dale Earnhardt's Race Car as Best Man Gift

Realtree's Bill Jordan gets a one-of-a-kind gift from his son.

One can argue the world of motorsports was never quite the same after the legendary Dale Earnhardt Sr's death at the 2001 Daytona 500. When he wasn't tearing up the racetrack leaving his competitors in a cloud of dust, Earnhardt was an avid hunter and outdoorsman. Over time, he developed a friendship with the men and women of Realtree Outdoors, appearing on their TV shows and videos several times.

Now, 20 years after his death, the folks at Realtree have not forgotten about "The Intimidator." When Realtree founder Bill Jordan's son Tyler is about to get married, he named his dad as his best man.

Wanting to do something special for his dad, Tyler contacted Richard Childress for help on unique groomsman's gift. Tyler was originally hoping for something small that belonged to Dale, but Childress counters by offering to give Bill a racecar used by Dale!

This car was used by Earnhardt Sr near the tail end of his career in a race in 1999. If you remember back to that time, there were several classic Realtree commercials featuring both Jordan and Earnhardt.

The Realtree crew also filmed Earnhardt's last deer hunt ever. It was featured prominently in one of their "Realtree Monster Bucks" compilation videos, along with a tribute to the man later. The Realtree crew has also hunted with Earnhardt Jr. several times in the years since then. It is safe to say there is a real friendship there between these two families brought together by a combined love of the outdoors.

This was an extremely generous gesture by Childress too. It is amazing to hear almost nothing has been done to the car since Dale raced it. That makes it even more special knowing every dent or scratch came from time in a race. We are sure that Tyler Jordan just one-upped almost every groomsman gift ever made with this gesture!

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