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Dale Jr. Smokes a Mature Buck Rambo-Style

Just like Rambo would, Dale Jr. takes a mature buck from the ground with a bow. What a shot!

Realtree and Dale Earnhardt had some great times in the past. Dale Jr. follows in his father's footsteps as he harvests this great buck with the Realtree team.

If you haven't heard of Dale Jr., how are things under that rock? Jr. has become NASCAR's most recognizable driver and spokesperson for some of the largest companies in the world. Plus he's an avid hunter, so that helps increase his likability.

In this video, Dale Jr. takes to the ground as they attempt to put a spot and stalk on this beautiful Montana whitetail in Milk River. As they spot the bucks on a creek bank, they begin to move closer.

To their surprise, a coyote spooks the deer herd and they begin to run right at Dale. He picks the shooter out and as the buck closes into range, Jr. draws back and settles the pin right on the vitals.

Dale Jr. lets the arrow fly and thwack! He finds a bit of the shoulder, but there is clearly enough penetration to get the job done.

As it so often does, joy fills Dale's face after he knows the shot was a good one. All he has to say is "Rambo" followed by a few chuckles.

His hard work paid off and he has a trophy to show for it now.

If this NASCAR thing doesn't pan out, Dale might just have a future in outdoor television. Shout out to Realtree for highlighting some of NASCAR's greatest in their clever and memorable videos.

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Dale Jr. Smokes a Mature Buck Rambo-Style