Dale Earnhardt Jr. Harvested a 10-Pointer and Cleaned It Himself

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Martin Truex Jr. had never gutted a deer before.

Recently retired NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. decided to do some bowhunting over Thanksgiving weekend with his buddy Martin Truex Jr. He and the reigning Cup Series champion went out to the Ohio property they each co-own, in search of a buck one of them could mount.

Earnhardt Jr. hit the jackpot with a 10-point buck, but what would come after was tricky.

"I hadn't be in the stand for an hour, and this buck walked out, and I got a look at him and decided that would be what I want to mount," he said on the Dale Jr. Download. "I had never gutted a deer before. That was pretty interesting."

He claims he'd seen others clean deer on numerous occasions, but he wasn't sure what he was doing.

"(We) Googled how to do this," he said. "It's like five steps to gutting a deer, and we had the proper tools. We had the knife and all that... The thing about gutting a deer is—and hold your ears if you have a soft stomach—but you don't want to puncture any of the organs, especially the stomach itself, because that really smells. So they have these knives that dig into the skin and just open up the skin just enough so it keeps all the organs in one piece. And once you can saw through the sternum and open all that up, all of it just pours out. It just kind of falls out all in one bag. (It falls) onto the ground, and the coyotes and stuff will come get that."

He says he plans to put his mount, which should be ready to go in about 10 months, up in his cabin. He says Truex Jr. has another one from last year, so they'll likely just start putting deer up all over.

It's awesome to hear Earnhardt Jr. is really getting into the outdoors. We'd love to hear more hunting stories from him!