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Dad Accidentally Shoots His Son's Truck with a .50 Cal

50 cal through sons truck

Any time spent with Dad is always great, that is until he decides to shoot a .50 cal right through your taillight.

When out testing a new rifle, sometimes you get too excited to plan the whole trip out. You may have forgot the important things like safety glasses, hearing protection, the target, the cooler filled with ice, and like this video, a place to rest the gun.

Let's be honest, they probably didn't forget any of these things, although I do not see a cooler in the video. More often than not, we have all found ourselves using odd things for a gun rest.

Here, this 70-year-old father was just out for a weekend with his son shooting guns like the good ol' days. They found themselves wanting to shoot the .50 cal and what better way to steady the shot than to set out the bipod and flop open the tail gate.

Not all shots are created equal. Some miss, some hit their mark and some find themselves getting a little carried away and taking out their son's taillight.

It seemed to be all in good nature and at the end of the day no one was hurt and it will forever be another father-son bonding moment.

If you're actually taking things seriously and want to use a proper gun rest, check out our post on creating a range kit that has everything. That way, it doesn't matter where you go to fire off your guns. You'll be prepared regardless, adn likely not encounter situations that result in busted taillights.

And of course, be sure to always follow the rules of basic firearm safety.



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Dad Accidentally Shoots His Son's Truck with a .50 Cal