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10 New Hunting Rifles You Should Keep Your Eye on This Season

hunting rifle

Be prepared for your 2016 hunting season by picking up and familiarizing yourself with a new hunting rifle.

Each year everyone waits eagerly on the new arrivals of hunting rifles. The SHOT show usually get's the first sneak peek, so unless you know someone in the industry, getting a glimpse at what is out, what is coming out, or what came out that is working, may be difficult.

We have made it easy. We put together a list of the top ten new hunting rifles that you should keep an eye out for this year. 2016 will be a great hunting season for you, especially if you get your rifle early, shoot and break it in and prepare yourself with one of these great rifles.

What are the best hunting guns?

1. Thompson Center Compass

hunting rifles
Thompson Center

The new Thompson Center Compass will be the most popular hunting rifle of 2016. Gregg Ritz of the Outdoor Channel's Hunt Masters, recently spoke with Wide Open Spaces in an interview as he was headed to New Zealand to hunt with this rifle. We just found that he has the confirmed two first kills with the T/C Compass.

It comes in extremely affordable, but offers such an amazing rifle for your money. The Compass features a threaded muzzle, free floated barrel with pillar bedded action. A flush fit, five capacity, rotary box magazine. An adjustable trigger for crisp release and precision shooting.

Here is where it will come in as the most popular rifle of 2016: MSRP $399

2. Weatherby Vanguard Wilderness

hunting rifles

Among the most popular rifles in the world, the Vanguard is extremely accurate. It has a two-stage trigger with a smooth bolt sliding bolt.

A cold hammer forged barrel provides extreme accuracy. MSRP $999

3. Uberti 1885 High Wall Rifle

hunting rifles

A single-shot rifle, designed for states that allow primitive cartridge hunting, the Uberti 1885 High Wall is a unique hunting rifle. It's a very nice looking gun with a picatini rail for easy scope mounting.

Comes with a 22" barrel and built to modern specifications to allow it to handle cartridge pressures up to 28,000 psi. MSRP $1009

4. Browning X-Bolt Hell's Canyon LR with McMillan Stock

hunting rifles

McMillan stocks offer precision accuracy with extreme toughness, so tough they are Marine approved! Browning took to their new line this year and added the Hell's Canyon Long Range X-Bolt Rifle with the McMillan Stock.

Medium heavy-fluted barrel with a threaded muzzle brake. Detachable, rotary magazine and adjustable trigger. MSRP $2,129

5. Mossberg Patriot Super Bantam - Youth

hunting rifles

Mossberg was thinking of America's youth this year by introducing the Patriot Super Bantam youth model. MSRP on the Super Bantam Kryptek (pictured, bottom) is just $421, which is part of what's made this line so popular.

This comes with a fluted barrel, spiral fluted bolt and the patented LBA user adjustable trigger system. MSRP: $384

6. Sauer 100 Classic XT

hunting rifles

The gun that turned heads at SHOT Show this year, the Sauer 100 Classic XT is a solid built, German designed bolt action rifle, designed with the American hunter in mind. It has a smooth three lug bolt that allows for quick cycling of shots.

It has an adjustable trigger with a detachable box magazine. MSRP $699

7. Merkel R15

hunting rifles

Merkel's R-15, is a new German made, bolt action rifle aimed at American hunters. The hunting rifles will be available in both synthetic stock or a walnut stock. For the synthetic model, the MSRP is $699.

With the wooden, walnut stock, the MSRP is $799.

8. Kimber Hunter

hunting rifles

The Kimber Hunter is an affordable hunting rifle available with a MSRP at $885. It's lightweight at 6.5 pounds with a stainless steel barrel and action, and has a removable box magazine for quick and easy loading and unloading.

9. Thompson Center Strike

hunting rifles
Thompson Center

That's right, we've included a muzzleloader. Too often we focus on centerfire rifles so much, we forget that many states offer a muzzleloader-only season, so what better way to be prepared for your 2016 hunting season than to own a Thompson Center Strike. Originally released in 2015, this muzzleloader will be extremely popular in 2016.

Designed with T/C's Quick Load Accurizor Muzzle System, the QLA allows the shooter to quickly and easily load his/her muzzleloader by incorporating a false muzzle design into the end of the barrel. The Strike offers the Stealth Striker system rather than a hammer as hammers can be noisy and hard to reach if mounted with a scope. The strike also comes with Armornite Corrosion Protectant which helps prevent corrosion of the barrel and components.

It shoots 209 primers and has a removable breach. MSRP $499

10. Magpul Hunter 700 Long Rifle Stock

hunting rifles

Design your own "new rifle" for 2016 when you take this replacement stock compatible with the Remington 700 Long Actions. In doing so, you have a long range, sniper shooters dream. According to their website, "This stock requires no bedding and is a true "drop-in" solution for the end user.

The 700L is also M-LOK compatible to accept a broad range of accessories." It is a stock that brings out extreme accuracy, reliability and consistency to your shooting and MSRP at $279.95


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10 New Hunting Rifles You Should Keep Your Eye on This Season