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Glow Stick-Wearing Wiener Dogs Throw the Best Car Wash Party

Whether you're planning a stay at a hotel or heading out for a quick shopping trip, every activity is better when your dog comes along. These days, pet parents are totally obsessed with their pooches (can you blame them?!), and do their best to take their dogs everywhere. One popular TikTok account, @yunabugs, perfectly showcases this level of dogged dedication.

A group of eight wiener dogs, who are affectionately nicknamed "The Weens," have over 2 million followers who love tagging along with all of the dachshund pups' daily shenanigans. These dogs are living the life. They eat all the best foods, sleep in a human bed (with covers!), and go on endless adventures. In one viral video, The Weens join their human on a seemingly mundane errand that is made so much better by their presence: They go to the car wash. Consider the footage from their outing a reminder to enjoy the simple things in life!

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?? Flashing lights! (Parked car tiktok!) It was about time we washed the car. Lol #fyp #fy #foryou #dog #dachshund

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The video begins with getting the eight pups ready to go to the car wash. First, each dog gets a smiley face sticker on his forehead. Then, their owner passes out glow sticks that they get to wear as collars. (Every car wash party needs glow sticks, after all!) Once the little sausages are rave-ready, they load up via their dog ramp and head to the car wash. As the car gets soaped up, these pups have the time of their lives, jumping all over the place and playing with the lights and soap suds through the window. It's easy to see why this video has over 2 million likes. I suddenly feel inspired to take my pup to the car wash. How about you?

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