The Cuteness Trifecta: Baby, Dog, and Kitten

This is almost a cuteness overload.

Psychologists, animal experts, and researchers often agree that children and pets are meant for each other. Raising a pet teaches empathy, responsibility, confidence, and socialization. Animals are also nonjudgmental while providing their humans with unconditional love.

The benefits of raising children with pets are endless, but the greatest benefit has to do with how cute they are together.

The family in this video believes in the power of pets, and they're happy to raise 6-week-old baby Elsarose alongside the family's furrier members.

Pebbles the Ragdoll kitten and Nelda the eight-month-old Labrador Retriever love each other and their human sibling. They've adapted well to sharing the house, and their picture-perfect cuddle is proof.


Introducing pets to a new baby can be a stressful experience, but it's completely possible for everyone to get along. Most pets learn to love their human siblings as much (and sometimes more) as they love their owners. As long as your pets know they're still part of the family, the transition shouldn't be too hard.

Do your children and pets get along? Let us know in the comments.

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