Make Naptime the Ultimate Sleep Paradise With These Comfy Crate Cushions

Have you ever tried cuddling with your pet in your bed, but they choose their pet bed or kennel instead?

I know pet parents can relate to their furry friends being particular about where they lounge around in. If you notice that your dog enjoys its crate more than anything, you might as well make it as comfy as possible! Cushions for dog crates create a snug experience for your dog.

Check out these best dog crate cushions from Amazon below!

Best Cushions for Dog Crates

1. AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad Washable Dog Bed

Whether you have a large dog or one that is a chewer, this non-toxic crate pet pad is well-stitched and comfortable enough for your pooch to sleep on. The anti-slip backing prevents the cushion from slipping around in the crate.

This deluxe puppy bed measures  42" x 27" and can hold up to 90 lbs. I love that this dog crate mat is machine washable and will stay soft even after you clean it!

2. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad

This high-quality dog crate bed is perfect for small dogs that are always shivering! The self-warming technology captures your dog's body heat and bounces the heat back to your pet. This x-small pet cushion is a best seller and is ideal for small-sized dogs.

The non-slip bottom creates the perfect fit for your dog's crate. You can even use this mat pad as a stand-alone dog bed!

3. PETMAKER Self Warming Pet Crate Pad Collection

Whether you are traveling to the vet or a long-distance, this pet cushion will provide warmth and comfort for your dog while they are in their crate. The sherpa material is the perfect texture for when your dog just wants to snuggle and snooze alone.

The removable cover can be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning. Just be sure not to tumble dry! This dog pad is available in two different sizes and colors.

4. QIAOQI Dog Bed Kennel Pad Crate

If your pet dog is older or suffers from any aches and pains, this orthopedic pet mat can help provide comfort to its joints. This cushion is lined with a plush, breathable surface and is super soft to touch! I can only imagine the relief and comfort senior dogs would experience with this memory foam dog bed.

You can get this orthopedic dog bed in multiple sizes, and it can be used in most standard crates.

5. EMPSIGN Stylish Dog Bed Matcushion for dog crate


This heavy-duty kennel mat is perfect for crate training or if your dog just enjoys sleeping in its crate. The waterproof liner is great if your dog has an accident or likes to drool a lot.

You can get this water-resistant mat in multiple sizes, including up to x-large. I love that this pet bed will keep your dog cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

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