Crocodile Eats Impala
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Crocodile Exhibits Speed and Patience While Hunting Impalas

Crocodiles are the masters of patience.

Water is the most important liquid on Earth. Life simply cannot exist without it. Every living thing on the planet needs it at some point or another. It does not matter how tough or how strong an animal is, at some point they will need to get a drink. In some parts of the world, the quest for water is much more dangerous than in others.

In South Africa, large crocodiles wait in the shallows for unsuspecting prey to come by and get a drink. During the drier seasons, this usually means these reptiles have better chances at meals. Animals like the impala have no choice but to risk their lives for the chance of a quick drink at a water hole.

Both the predators and prey know the game well at this point. The impalas are often on pins and needles, ready to bolt at the sign of any disturbance under the surface. The crocodiles must remain patient and must time their strikes carefully if they want to get dinner.

It is fascinating to watch this delicate predator-prey struggle unfold. The impalas know the crocs are there, even if they are completely submerged. They have no choice but to keep returning because this may be the only source of fresh water for miles. Of course, the life of an impala is always a difficult one. These animals are constantly on edge like this because every animal in the African bush seems to want to kill and eat them.

Eventually, the crocodile's patience pays off and it dragged one unlucky impala into the lake with it. This type of struggle may be hard to watch, but it is the harsh reality of the food chain. Those who are not smart enough, or fast enough, end up dead.

Crocodiles usually look incredibly lazy when they are just sitting in the middle of a waterhole or basking on the beach. This video showcases their incredible speed nicely. They may not be capable of doing this for long distances, but they do not need to either. One short burst like this is all it took to bring home dinner.

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