YouTube: Kruger Sightings

Wildebeest Makes Miraculous Escape From Two Crocodiles With Help From Hippos

This wildebeest just barely escapes with its life.

If you're a wildebeest, life is tough. You're one of the primary food sources of one of the many predators that inhabit the dark continent. Lions, leopards, wild dogs, hyenas and more are more than willing to make you lunch every day of the week. Even getting a drink of water isn't safe because that's where the crocodiles are waiting for you.

This video out of South Africa's Kruger National Park displays just one such encounter between crocodiles and wildebeest. Unknown to the wildebeest, two crocodiles are waiting just under the surface of this water hole.

In a sudden burst of energy, the crocs snag the wildebeest and start dragging it into the water towards certain doom as tourist cameras roll. That is, had some hippos not intervened to miraculously save the day.

Count that as this wildebeest's lucky day. Most animals that find themselves in the jaws of a crocodile, let alone two, do not live to see another day. It's hard to tell how wounded this animal was in the encounter. It could very well have met up with some other predators after this video, but for at least a moment, it got a miraculous second chance.

It's worth noting that the hippos in this video were not trying to help the wildebeest out. The hippopotamus is a notoriously cranky animal that doesn't care about the well-being of any other animal other than their own young. Most likely the hippos felt the two crocs were invading their territory and wanted to simply chase them off. Hippos are known for being fiercely territorial. They do not appreciate their personal space being invaded! The wildebeest was just lucky the hippos considered these crocs to be invading it.

Chalk this one up another incredible encounter in Kruger National Park. This place has produced some of the most incredible wildlife encounters to hit the Internet in recent years. Each one seemingly wilder than the last. We cannot wait to see the next crazy video that originates in this park!

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