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Lion Annoyed with Tourists Sends Them Ducking Back Into Car with Mighty Roar

Lion Roar
YouTube: Kruger Sightings

These lions have had enough of the tourists.

South Africa's Kruger National Park is home to a plethora of animal species, including some of the most well-known on earth. The king of the jungle, the lion, is one of the creatures most tourists come to the park hoping to see. Some of them end up getting a closer look than they initially bargained for.

In this footage, there is a male and a female lion simply lounging away a warm afternoon in the middle of the road. Traffic is backed up and the tourists are all leaning out of their cars, gawking for a closer look at these awesome predators.

However, these humans have overstayed their welcome and the male lion decides to let them know it. Watch as he sends them all ducking back inside the vehicles with just a single roar.

We must admit, we got a good laugh out of this video. Remember that these big cats are incredibly fast and had he wanted to, we're sure either of these lions could have snatched one of those kids right out of the window where they were leaning. That's not a great scenario obviously. It's also why the video notes that South Africa's National Parks has rules about leaning or sticking body parts out vehicle windows.

As we have seen many times in the past, life-and-death nature scenes regularly play out between predator and prey on this park's roadways. Park Rangers obviously do not want a bunch of clueless tourists ending up as just another link in the food chain.

The videos we see from Kruger remind us of the ones we regularly see from Yellowstone here in the states. While it's great that people get to experience wildlife up close and personal, you also must be sure they are educated on the proper behavior around these animals before they arrive.

Let's hope these tourists spent the rest of the trip shooting their pictures behind the safety of the windshield!

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Lion Annoyed with Tourists Sends Them Ducking Back Into Car with Mighty Roar