Crappie Angler Catches Big Musky on 6-Pound-Test Line and Ultralight Crappie Rod

A crappie angler got the battle of his life when he hooked a giant musky on 6-pound-test line and an ultralight fishing rod. 

Scott Mackner was fishing for crappies with one-inch minnows when he hooked a behemoth musky. At least, it was a true behemoth for the 6-foot-6-inch ultralight fishing rod and 6-pound test line he was using.

Mackner was under a bridge when he hooked the musky, and he knew he'd have to somehow get the big fish into open water if he was to have a chance. So, he used his trolling motor to move away from the bridge and battle the giant.

As seen through his GoPro video, his fight with the big musky is pretty tense, and Mackner says at one point, "If I get this thing in, it will be a miracle."

The musky surfaces once and gets Mackner's blood pumping.

Mackner exhibits some great fish-fighting technique and is ever-so patient with the big predator. Finally, after fighting for around 10 minutes, he's able to barely fit it into his small net with the rear end of the fish sticking out. To say he was excited is an understatement. Well done, Scott!

He measures the musky and it is a whopping 46 inches long, fat and healthy. He then takes a few photographs and releases the fish.

"What a battle," he says. "(It was the) battle of my life."

It's not everyday that a crappie angler using crappie gear boats a giant musky!

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