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Figure 8 Your Way to Musky Success

figure 8

Want to boat more muskies this year? When your lure gets close to the boat and it’s time to do a figure 8, remember these tips.

Every musky angler knows that when retrieving your lure you should do a figure 8 (or oval or back and forth or whatever) at the boat. Musky are notorious followers and it’s often that final change of direction or scared baitfish behavior that will trigger a strike.

Pay attention to these tips from Kyle Sorensen of OB Outdoors, on how to properly do the figure 8.

When reeling your lure in keep a keen eye on the water around and especially behind your lure. Look for that wave behind your lure that could identify a following musky.

When you get to the boat make an abrupt L-shaped turn and go right into your figure 8, oval, or what-have-you. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. You don’t have to religiously follow the 8-shaped pattern.

Keep your lure near the surface initially but then don’t be afraid to sink your rod tip deep into the water too. Make that lure dance a bit.

The most important thing is to avoid slowing the speed of your retrieve or the speed of the lure in the middle of the figure 8. If you get a strike and a miss, speed the lure up. Do this especially if you see a fish behind the lure.

The tendency might be to slow the lure down if you see a fish. But don’t do it. Speed it up. Remember, these fish are predators and you can trigger a chase or attack response when you increase the speed of your lure. It’s just like a baitfish trying to escape.

Finally, as you near the boat open your bail and control the line tension with your thumb or by back-reeling if you’re using a spinning rod. Then, if you do hook up, bury your rod in the water. You don’t want that fish to jump, so keep him underwater.

Good luck!

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Figure 8 Your Way to Musky Success