Mini Axe
YouTube: Bobby Duke Arts

Craftsman Turns Rusty Hatchet into a Cool Mini Axe

This old hatchet gets a new lease on life as art.

Who among us does not have a bunch of rusty old tools in the garage or shed that we do not use anymore? Almost everyone has at least one rusty hatchet that cannot hold an edge anymore and is past its useful lifespan. What do you do with this junk? Throw it away? Toss it in a pile of yard sale stuff?

Those are all viable options, but this YouTuber has a different idea. Instead, he removes the axe head and handle and turns them into a tiny battle axe. Bobby Duke has a strange personality in this video, but there is no denying the results. Or the axe's cutting ability.

He turns a worthless piece of old junk into a beautiful little work of art that anyone can appreciate.

As goofy as the video was, it takes a tremendous amount of talent to carve out the fine details and etch those designs onto the blade. This axe truly is a work of art that will be a conversation piece for years to come. It was great that he was able to salvage the handle too for this piece.

I thought the design of this axe looked familiar, but it was not until he reminded everyone that it was from the latest "God of War" game on Playstation did all the pieces fall into place. That is a fine replica of Krato's most important weapon.

We really enjoy videos like this where craftsmen and women take ordinary items that have no more practical use and turn them into something completely new that others can appreciate. The Internet is the perfect place for people to showcase their talents in this regard. We have seen people re-purpose everything from pipe wrenches and leaf springs to old circular saw blades and bolts from the hardware store into knives or other metal works of art. It is amazing what people can do with a little ingenuity!

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