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How to Make a Knife from a Disc Brake

make a knife from a disk brake

If you ever break down and need a knife, you can always try this.

This guy shows us how to make a knife out of a disc brake.

Watch this video and learn how to do it yourself.

This is how to make a knife with a brake

This is how to make a knife with a brake

Posted by Genius Craft on Saturday, November 11, 2017

In a video shared on Facebook by Genius Craft, we see a knife build most people would never even think of.

Building a knife from a disk is a handy way to get something useful from scrap on hand. With some ingenuity, an ordinary disk brake can become one formidable knife ready for defense or dressing out your harvest.

Before you throw something away, think about what you can make from it. You might find a purpose for otherwise scrap and save money in the process. You'll also have the pride of making your own gear no one else has.

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How to Make a Knife from a Disc Brake