Coyote Attacks a Deer
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Coyotes Chase Deer Right Into Hunter's Crosshairs

Watch these unsuspecting coyotes attack a deer then get a nasty surprise from a hunter.

Coyotes are opportunistic predators and will eat a number of different things. Though they are normally much more dangerous to fawns (and pets) than to adult deer, a coyote is more than capable of taking down a fully grown deer under the right circumstances. Bringing down a deer is a challenge, but it brings a bigger meal and likely much more nutritional value than rabbits, mice, and other small rodents.

These two coyotes tried their luck with a doe in Texas. However, they were completely unaware of the hunter sitting a short distance away who ruined all the fun for these dogs.

The coyote is so focused on chasing the deer, it doesn't realize what's about to hit it. Watch everything unfold in the video below.

Talk about a classic case of the hunter becoming the hunted. The coyote never knew what hit him and that doe fled to live another day. Deer aren't always this lucky in real life, hopefully she makes the best of the second chance. That coyote had a fine, pearly white set of teeth on it. As far as coyotes go, it was a healthy, well-fed one. We are guessing this wasn't the first time it chased a deer, but it was also the last!

Though coyotes aren't invincible, they are very effective predators and can be pretty rough on their prey if their numbers aren't properly controlled. So get out there and shoot a few coyotes prior to fawning season!

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