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These Guys Have Mastered the Art of Hand Fishing

Hand fishing is only for the most fearless fishermen.

The whole world fishes, but different cultures take different approaches. Here in the United States alone, there's a wide variety of fishing practices across large regions.

For example, you'll see a lot of fisherman up north exclusively use fly fishing tackle for swift-stream fish like trout and steelhead. Additionally, the coldest months call for ice fishing on frozen lakes with tip-ups and ultra-light tackle.

Medium-action rods and mid-size reels get plenty of use across the middle of the country, as bass fishing has become less of a sport and more of a lifestyle over the years.

Down south in states like Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma, the catfish noodling scene has exploded, sparking a competitive culture in which fishermen stick their bare hands in catfish holes hoping for a strike. Instead of reeling in a flathead catfish, they just wrestle it in.

However, I've never seen a noodler work quite this efficiently.

Watch the video:

It's hard to say for sure where this is, but it's probably safe to assume these guys heavily rely on fish as a food source. Have you ever seen this many people join hand-fishing forces? With how hard they work to get these fish, I'd love to see what they could do with a rod and reel.

The only drawback to this method is the fish they're catching. It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like they're pulling up nothing but carp, which I'll be the first to say is not the best table fare.

Have you ever been hand fishing before? Did you ever have this much success? Let us know and share any big fish photos you have!