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Vicious Fight Over a Squirrel: Nasty Raccoon Attack On Coyote [VIDEO]

Vicious Fight Over A Squirrel: Raccoon Attack On Coyote

This coyote thinks he found an easy meal, but these raccoons have other ideas. Check out this nasty raccoon attack on the coyote captured on a trail camera.

Though coyotes can be pretty tough and aggressive creatures, these two raccoons really show this lone coyote who is the boss and give it more than it could handle.

Make sure you have the volume turned up so you can hear the sounds of this vicious scuffle that ensues between the three animals.

At the beginning of the video, the coyote appears to be chewing on a dead squirrel that had been staked to the ground. I don’t know how it got there, but I imagine that the owner of the trail camera put it there as bait, possibly to evaluate the area for future coyote hunting or trapping.

Though it’s unknown what else was captured on this camera, but it certainly appears that the owner of the trail camera got much more on video than originally expected.

Evidently, the squirrel was in the territory of those two raccoons, who did not appreciate the presence of the coyote on their turf. Their violent beat down of the coyote demonstrates how tough and nasty a pair of full grown raccoons can be.

Once again: mother nature is cruel and tough. Only the strongest survive.

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Vicious Fight Over a Squirrel: Nasty Raccoon Attack On Coyote [VIDEO]