Fawn vs Deer
YouTube: MFK Gamecalls

Young Coyote Pups and Whitetail Fawn Have Unexpected Encounter in the Forest

This is not your typical fawn and coyote encounter.

For many deer hunters, nothing is more problematic than coyotes in the spring. When the fawns start dropping, they are vulnerable to many types of predators. However, most fawns that do not make it are usually the victim of a coyote attack. Simply because these predators are more numerous than any other fawn killer in North America.

Coyotes also target fawns simply because they make for an easy meal. That is, if they can find one. Fawns are excellent at hiding, and they have no odor when they are still young.

They do get lucky sometimes though and stumble across them by accident. That seems to be what happens in today's video. Although this coyote and fawn encounter may not end the way you might be expecting. Just watch and you will see what we mean.

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It seems obvious that this was the first fawn that either of these young coyote pups had ever seen. Their instincts were telling them they should be interested in the baby deer, although it seems they could not quite figure out why. The coyote's body language seemed to indicate that it wanted to play more than it wanted to eat. We agree with the video's uploader, this fawn was extremely lucky the adults were not around. That deer would have been dinner in an instant.

We did find it interesting to watch the young deer's reactions too. It obviously already knows how to signal danger, as was evident by that foot stomp. We have never seen a deer this young exhibit that behavior. At the same time though, this young doe was not quite sure what to make of the two coyotes. We can only hope she learns from this incident and will be ready to react accordingly the next time she encounters a coyote.

Either way, a fascinating bit of footage. Big thanks to MFK GameCalls for sharing this footage with the whole world.

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