Fawn Rescue
Facebook Screenshot: City of Parma Police Department

Body Camera Footage Captures Ohio Police Rescuing Fawns Trapped in a Pool


The boys in blue had to rescue these fawns from a backyard pool.

When encountering fawns, the best course of action is usually to simply leave the animals alone. They often come in close to humans because they do not know any better yet. In most instances, if left alone, they will eventually wander back to their mother and the wild.

However, there are also instances where fawns find themselves in a real pickle and can only be rescued by a human. That is exactly what happened here. These two fawns fell into an inground pool in Parma, Ohio.

Obviously, they cannot climb out on their own and the mother is not going to be able to help them either. That is when officers with the Parma Police Department arrive to save the day. The unusual rescue was captured on police body cameras and was subsequently uploaded to the department's Facebook page for the whole world to enjoy.


Two Baby Deer ?Cheer? After Pool Rescue ? Parma, OH

On Sunday, August 30, 2020, Parma Police Officers responded to a home where two fawns had fallen into an in-ground pool. The homeowner reported that the deer were in her pool for over an hour while she unsuccessfully tried to get them out before calling the police. The officers were able to successfully catch and release both deer. The deer were tired, but happy, as you can hear them let out a ?cheer? of appreciation after being rescued!#deercheer

Posted by City of Parma Police Department on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

We must say, that is the first time we have ever seen a pool skimmer used to herd a deer around! It is safe to say that a police officer's training does not include anything about rescuing deer from a pool like this. Great improvisation officers!

According to the City of Parma Police Department's post, these two fawns were in the pool for an hour while the homeowner attempted a rescue on her own. When she couldn't get the young deer out, she called in the professionals for assistance. This was definitely one of those rare instances where a fawn needed human intervention. These deer would have eventually become exhausted and drowned. Hooves just are not made for gripping or clawing on concrete.

As unbelievable as it seems, fawn rescues from pools are not as uncommon as one may think. Many have been documented over the years. We are not sure if they fell in by accident or if they simply went for a dip and then could not get back out. Either way, in a year as crazy as 2020 has been, we are glad to see a story with a happy ending for once!


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