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Coyote and Badger Team Up to Hunt Together

Images via Kimberly Fraser/USFWS

This is a tag team most just wouldn't want to mess with. 

Some pretty remarkable photos have been making waves on the internet lately. What you are about to see below are real candid snaps of wildlife doing the unimaginable.

These are not pets. This coyote and badger are also not inside some fenced in enclosure in a park. As a matter of fact, the pictures were snapped by Kimberly Fraser of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, when she saw the duo in action. 

tag team

"Each partner in this unlikely duo brings a skill the other one lacks," said a spokesman from the USFWS in an interview with the Daily Mail. Together they are both faster and better diggers than the burrowing rodents they hunt."

tag team

Even though it may seem strange, this practice is not that uncommon when it comes to hunting prairie dogs or ground squirrels. This tag team naturally forms as the coyote can run them down and the badger can dig them out. Often times, these two animals hunt alone; however, when the opportunity presents itself, it's hard for either to turn the help down.

tag team

You've got to give the animal kingdom credit. This is pretty crafty.



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Coyote and Badger Team Up to Hunt Together