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Insanely Huge Hyena Shot in Africa

huge hyena
Instagram: coyote_callin_outlawz

We are not saying this huge hyena is real. 

However, we are not saying it isn't real, either.

To get down to the details, this picture actually just popped up on Instagram. Like all things on the Internet, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Either way you slice it, though, this is one huge hyena.

If you remember back to around this time last year, this enormous hog made the rounds. As it turned it, this was in fact a real wild boar (a man from the area actually reached out to us to verify). He couldn't confirm the exact size, other than he knew it was shot. So, stranger things have happened.

Here, see for yourself what is blowing up the hunting world below.

So, what do you think? Is this huge hyena real, or is this just some good camera work? As I said above, who really cares? First off, he got a hyena. That alone is awesome.

Second, it's really big, regardless of any trick camera work. On average, a really big hyena is about 120 pounds.



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Insanely Huge Hyena Shot in Africa