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12-Year-Old Takes Down New South Carolina Record Buck

South Carolina Record Buck
Horn Hunter Outdoors

It’s not official yet, but this sure looks like the new South Carolina record buck to us. 

Twelve-year-old Justin Hodges from South Carolina might have just shot the biggest buck ever taken in the state. His buck green-scored at 178 inches, and as of now, it tops the previous buck of 176 inches standing since 1994.

Justin and his father had seen the big buck back in October during bow season but never got a shot. It wasn’t until they set up on an old road bed near the area where the saw the buck before that fate opened its window and offered an opportunity.

South Carolina Record Buck
North Carolina Sportsman

“Justin already had the gun pointed down the roadbed and when the deer stopped a couple of seconds later, he pulled the trigger, but nothing happened,” his father said in an interview

As most of us know, when a big buck shows up, strange things happen. As in this case, Justin forgot the safety. After realizing his mistake, another pull of the trigger dropped it in its tracks.

Measuring out to 19 total points, 12-inch brow tines, 13-inch G2’s, 13-inch G3’s, and very thick mass, it stands a very solid chance of beating the record. 

Congrats Justin! What a deer!


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12-Year-Old Takes Down New South Carolina Record Buck