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Cow with 5th Leg is the Showstopper at County Fair

This is 'Cinco' who was born with something extra!

'Cinco' is perfectly healthy just a special cow that many were lucky enough to get pics of while they visited the Danville Pittsylvania County Fair in Virginia this past weekend. 

GoDanRiver.com reported that this healthy cow has an extra leg protruding from between her right shoulder and neck.

"The leg dangles downward — too short and coming from too high — to reach the ground with its dual hooves."

This is not Cinco's first rodeo however, he's been coming to the fair for five years and is one of the main attractions at the petting zoo. (We had so many pictures to choose from that were posted across social media channels). His owner is JR Burnett, who runs Cavalier Farms where Cinco lives during the year. She lives with the rest of the herd with absolutely zero health concerns. 

What's this condition known as?

Having extra limbs is known as polymelia which happens occasionally in Angus cattle.

The GoDanRiver.com article also spoke with a vet about this rare condition.

"Pete Fulper, a veterinarian with 40 years of experience working with cattle, said he has seen somewhere between eight and 10 cows born with extra legs. One of those was born with eight legs."

Cinco will spend the rest of her days with her herd on the farm.

"Cinco gets some special treatment from Burnett, such as extra feed and more attention when she's having a calf. They sell most of their cows and calves much sooner than their sixth birthday, Burnett said, but Cinco isn't going anywhere anytime soon."

Farm animals are beautiful creatures and 'Cinco' is the best example of this!

Please let us know what you think and if you live with a special needs animal. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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