Covert Ice Cam

Covert's New ICE Cam is Effective and Affordable

Covert Scouting Camera's New ICE Cam is the perfect solution if you're searching for high-quality photos and videos at a great price.

Covert is no stranger in the trail camera world, and they have a whole new line of trail cameras for this season. One of those is the Covert ICE Cam Trail Camera. Covert has exploded onto the scene over a span of a few years, quickly coming to the forefront as one of my favorite trail camera manufacturers.

The main reason I've been sold on Covert is simple, they work! When you obsess over your whitetail hunting and spend countless hours and dollars on scouting, there's nothing more frustrating than pulling the SD card from your trail camera only to find it didn't work. It's enough to make you pull your hair out if we're being honest.

Bad battery connections, broken sensors, terrible picture quality, water damage through the casing and battery eaters have all plagued my trail cameras. We all know how excited we get to see what has roamed the woods in front of our cameras. It's the hunter-equivalent of a kid on Christmas morning. Instead, have a few cameras that don't work and you'll turn into a raging maniac in a flash.

Covert Ice Cam

About three years ago, I invested in a handful of Covert Black Viper and Black Maverick cameras, and ever since, I've been adding Coverts to my trail camera arsenal. Covert's products are user-friendly, durable, high-quality, and reliable. They also provide top-notch customer service!

Those characteristics hold true for the new ICE Cam Trail Camera, and it's a super option for a great price.


The ICE Cam is a very small camera in terms of size, making it very concealable once it's on your tree. At about the size of your hand, loading multiple cameras in the back of your backpack for scouting is no issue and rather convenient.

If the trail cameras aren't small in size nowadays, I personally want nothing to do with them. When you're running 20-plus cameras each year, they begin to take up space, so the smaller the better.

Covert ICE Cam Covert ICE Cam

At 8 megapixels, the ICE Cam product line is the least capable of the Covert cameras out there. In reality, though, megapixels doesn't affect the picture quality, but the photo will become more pixelated you zoom in on it. So, the picture quality is still superb for a $139.99 trail camera. With a 55-degree field of view and a 100-foot flash range, the photos captured for both day and night will please any hunter. Below are some photos from my recent testing of the ICE Cams on my properties.

Covert Ice Camera Covert Ice Camera Covert Ice Camera Covert Ice Camera Covert Ice Camera Covert Ice Camera

Above all, the photos range across different time frames of the day, particularly times you'd want to know how the ICE performs. The camera passed with flying colors during complete darkness, dawn, day and dusk. A reliable camera at a cheap price, this is a win-win for any avid hunter.

All photos are stamped with the time, date, temperature, and moon phase which makes your scouting data and logging super easy and efficient. This may seem like nothing to many, but if you're wanting to pattern a mature buck, this can be a huge advantage and tool for your game plan on tagging him.

The ICE Cam is equipped with a .4-second trigger speed and has a 1-3 turbo shot burst, so nothing is sneaking by your camera and it also has an available video mode. The ICE records in 720p HD video with audio, which is such a cool scouting tool, but personally I just use the photo mode so my batteries can last longer throughout the season.

User-friendliness is always a very important facet of trail camera for me. I want them to be simple to setup and even easier to check, so I can get in and out of the woods quickly, spending as little time as possible messing with the cameras. I have cameras that have interfaces with so many different buttons, you don't know what does what. This often leaves you with nothing but headaches.

Covert ICE Cam

The ICE Cam is simple, and you can maneuver through the camera quickly, making it a breeze to work with. Also, one of the most underrated features is the 1-inch color view screen that comes on the Covert ICE Cam.

You've probably left a camera in the field thinking you put it in the picture-perfect location. Then when you come back, you realize you put it a few feet off that perfect spot. You missed all the activity over that hot scrape once you view the card.

Covert ICE Camera

This 1-inch color viewer allows you to see exactly what the camera is seeing. That way you can position it exactly how you want it before leaving.

The ICE trail camera sports invisible flash technology, which is key if you want to keep your camera from spooking deer and educating deer. All in all, this camera is really the ideal setup for the customer looking to take great photos and videos at a fair price while still getting a high-quality product.

This video should give you a good idea of how easy it is to operate the camera:

I'm not saying this is the best trail camera on the market and neither is Covert, because there are higher-quality options available. But this is one of the best packages of quality and price you'll find if you're researching trail cameras.

Walking up to a trail camera with confidence that it worked is worth every penny to me. Grab your eight AA batteries and a solid tree, and you'll be in business!

If you're shopping on a budget or wanting to order multiple cameras without suffering a huge bill, this is the ticket. I'll send you off with all of the product specs of the ICE Cam in case there was something I missed that you might be concerned about.

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.875 x 2.5 inches
  • 8 megapixels
  • 55-degree field of view
  • Picture + Video Mode
  • 720P HD video w/audio
  • .4-second trigger speed
  • 42 no-glow LED's
  • 100-foot flash range
  • 8AA batteries
  • Invisible flash technology
  • 1-3 turbo shot burst
  • Maximum Silence Image Capture™
  • Time/Date/Temp/Moon Phase Stamps
  • 1-inch color viewer
  • Pipe through security
  • Up to 32GB SD card