Ohio Deer

Ohio Deer Has Zip Tie Wrapped Around Its Neck

This concerned resident seeks help for deer that's had a zip tie on its neck all summer long.

Onlookers have watched this young deer grows with a zip tie around its neck for months.

Sharon Bondades, a resident of Mount Lookout, Ohio, first witnessed the young doe in her backyard, but it didn't seem to be any issue at that time.

"It was close around her neck, but it wasn't tight, and she wasn't in any distress," Bonadies said in an interview. "And she was able to come in here and eat and walk over to that fence there and just leap right over."

Even though the deer seemed fine, Bonadies wanted to take action, so she contacted the Ohio Division of Wildlife. They let her know that they didn't want to tranquilize the deer and try to remove the zip tie if there wasn't any distress yet.

They informed her that tranquilizers, while effective, can sometimes take too long to kick in, posing a risk to deer's health if she were to run. They asked her to call back if the deer showed itself again and was seeming to have issues.

After a few weeks, though, the deer's appearance and behavior had worsened.

"She was hanging her head and splaying her legs out to try to stand up, and she couldn't jump the fence," Bonadies said.

Bonadies began to take more video and capture more photos to contact authority with. The Division of Wildlife responded to her calls, but once they arrived to the scene they couldn't locate the deer. However, another local reportedly found her soon after in the same area.

The deer was apparently foaming at the mouth, and its ribs were starting to show through its skin.

"She's still laying in my yard and she's been here since before 8 this morning, and she's getting more and more in distress," Bonadies said. "Her head is beginning to lay on the ground a bit."

The Division of Wildlife sent a wildlife officer out to find the deer, but hasn't had any luck. A reporter was able to find the deer right away, in the same spot once again.

The deer's ribs were visible and she appeared to be foaming at the mouth.

You'd have to guess the zip tie was put on by a human. Hopefully someone can capture the young doe soon and remove the zip tie.

Ohio Wildlife officials will be monitoring the area and searching for the deer.