Couple Magnet Fishing Find A Safe With $100K In New York City Lake
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Couple Magnet Fishing Find A Safe With $100K In New York City Lake

Many people go fishing, but they're unlikely to pull a haul that's worth a small fortune. Well, this New York couple got more than they bargained for when they went fishing. Well, magnet fishing anyway. For those who don't know, magnet fishing is using magnets to search the waterways for objects.The New York couple discovered a safe with $100,000 at the bottom of a lake in Corona Park.

That has to be both the greatest and scariest find that anyone has ever fished out of the water. According to the New York Post, James Kane and Barbie Agostini threw a heavy magnet into the lake. The magnet attached itself to the safe at the bottom, and they felt a strong pull. The two ended up pulling out a safe. It appeared to be old, so nothing recent.

However, there's a catch before you question how they spent the money from the safe. It turned out that the water from the lake ruined the money. Despite being wrapped in plastic, the cash was useless.

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Couple Find Safe

"It was two stacks of freaking hundreds. Big stacks," Kane told NY1. The bills were "soaking wet, pretty much destroyed." Both Kan and Agostini are veterans when it comes to this sort of thing. It's not the first safe that they found. Previously, they found other safes, but they were always empty. Agostini thought her fishing partner was joking when he told her about the money.

"He showed me and once I saw the actual dollars and the security ribbons I lost it," she said. The two ended up calling the NYPD. Police were perplexed by the call. Due to the lack of identification on the safe, the police allowed the couple to keep the safe and its contents. It's little consolation considering the cash was useless.

"I guess the finders keepers rule worked for us," Kane said. The two started magnet fishing as a hobby for a few years now. Kane called it "the poor man's treasure hunting." The safe stands among their biggest find, but they also found a few guns as well as a WWII-era grenade while magnet fishing the waterways.

"We were borded during covid lockdown and I've always had this itch to become a treasure hunter ... so we discovered something called magnet fishing," Kane told NY1. Who knows? Maybe they'll find a safe with useable money next time.