Could New Tech Advancement One Day Make Hunters Completely Silent?


Staying completely silent while hunting is one of the hardest things about hunting. Every move we make must be carefully thought out so it's done as quietly as possible.

What if you had a device with you that could eliminate that issue? New technology developed by a company called Muzo could someday do just that. Check out their noise-dampening device in the video below.

I know what you're thinking after watching the video, "This guy is nuts." Bear with me.

The Muzo's "Secret" mode has something going for it. If it can prevent others from listening in on a conversation, why not block out noises we make while hunting?

If this technology could be advanced to that point, imagine the possibilities. One day, you could climb into your stand, hang it near you, click it on, and be virtually undetectable by any wary game. You could actually cough and not worry about alerting everything within 50 yards.

This could potentially totally eliminate the chance of deer "jumping the string" while bowhunting. With the dampening device your arrow would impact them before they even new what happened.

It would be especially handy when taking younger kids out. I'm sure they would enjoy a hunt even more without us reminding them every five minutes they need to be super quite and completely still.

Once again I know all this is a stretch as of now. It is however a new possibility in giving us another edge over the game we seek.

For more information about the Muzo check out their KickStarter page. Who knows you might be interested in backing it now. Seems like a great way to drown out the noise of the city until you can hit the peace of the woods again.

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