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This is Why You Should Take Your Kids Hunting [VIDEO]

Take your kids hunting this year, and you may even get a reaction like this.

You’ve got to love the feeling of your first successful hunt. Whether it happens in your youth, as a college kid, or even later in life, nothing compares to that first shot that meets its target, and that first harvested deer.

Want to relive that through a young lady’s experience? You can with this video, posted in the Parenting Done Right Outdoors Facebook group.

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That’s fantastic, isn’t it? Her reaction is gold, and so is that of her dad’s. In one clip, they’ve embodied what it means to pass on the traditions of hunting.

We’re betting they were looking forward to that hunt for a long time, and even though it’s over, that little girl is going to remember that moment for the rest of her life.


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This is Why You Should Take Your Kids Hunting [VIDEO]