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Product Review: My Experience with the Scent Crusher Ozone Lineup

Alex Burton

I will never go into the field again without using my Scent Crusher gear and the power of ozone.

In an earlier article I spoke to Dan Drake, President of Scent Crusher, about ozone and its uses for hunters. Their products are being used by some of the best deer hunters in the world, not to mention the thousands of other everyday hunters like myself.

In this piece I want to focus more on my own experiences using the Scent Crusher products. I want to help kill the questions your asking like, are they really worth the money? Is ozone really that great at killing scent? Is this just some huge gimmick?

While I had already purchased the Ozone Go, Dan graciously sent me the Ozone Gear Bag and Hunter’s Closet. With rut beginning to start here in Kentucky, I had the opportune time to try them out.

The Products

Ozone Go


The Ozone Go helps keep your vehicle as scent free as possible. I have kids, pets, and I smoke. So my truck has a few smells that linger in it.

Let me tell you my wife hated getting in my truck. While she loves me, she hates that I smoke. I don’t smoke in there that often, but enough that the stale smoke smell remains. It drives her nuts.

I was looking for something better than some Febreeze to use, especially with hunting season approaching.  I purchased the Go after seeing it at my local Rural King to give it a shot.

I plugged it up and within the day my truck smelled like, well nothing. You could never even tell I had lit a cigarette inside.

My wife couldn’t be happier about it. I am actually going to have to buy another because she stole the one from my truck and stuck it in her car it worked that well.

Ozone Gear Bag


Both the gear bag and closet work off of a small ozone generator. Ozone is pumped from the generator into the closet or bag via a small hose.

You can set the ozone generator to run continuously in five minute increments up to 30 minutes. When it shuts off your gear is good to go.

The gear bag is a god send. I literally just keep it in my truck with my gear inside so I am ready to hunt whenever. It is large enough to hold my clothing, harness, extra gear, and even my day pack fits inside with room to spare.

I have a 45 minute drive to my hunting spot so I just plug it into my 12v when I leave. When I get to my spot all my gear is scent free and ready to go. I just change and head to my stand.

Ozone Hunter’s Closet


The hunter’s closet is just a great as the bag. Think of it as a super station to store all your hunting gear in a scent free location.

No more stacks of tubs, cramming things into scent free bags, or anything else. Just simply place it all inside the large 68″x 45″x 20″ closet, set up ozone generator, and zip it up.

It will keep everything inside “sealed” in a scent free area until you need them.

The closet can hold a lot of items. Inside of mine I have 2 vests, 6 shirts, 2 coats, coveralls, 10 pants, base layers, rain gear, hats, gloves, socks, my pack, boots, and more. Plus you can use it on your other gear such as trail cams, guns, bows, and other items it you really wanted to be super scent free.

It also keeps my wife from yelling at me about leaving hunting gear laying around when I get home. Everything goes right back into my bag or the closet.

Hunting with Scent Crusher

For those of you that think this is just another gimmick, it isn’t. It does exactly what they say it does and removes scent like you have never smelled before.

After a slow and hot early bow season here in Kentucky I was beginning to get my hopes up on tagging out this year. I had my eye on my first mature buck and hadn’t even seen him in person by the time November rolled around.

That is about the time I had received my new gear from Scent Crusher. On November 13 the second day of gun season I decided to get out early and take my chances on filling some of my doe tags.

The night before I pulled my gear from my Hunter’s Closet and placed them in my Gear Bag. I ran the generator on the way out to my stand and changed upon arrival. Even forgoing my usual spray down of scent control, figuring I would truly test the ozone.

I had just settled into my stand and loaded my rifle as shooting hours opened. A breeze picked up and was keeping me downwind of the creek where the deer had been traveling through.

I was sitting quietly, watching when I kept hearing something moving directly behind me. I figured it had to be a squirrel or something since it was coming almost dead down wind of me, no place a deer would be anyway.


After a quick scan ahead of me to make sure no deer were present I sneaked a peek.

I could just catch some movement coming from the overgrown field 30 yards behind me. I was thinking it was a young six pointer that frequented the area around my stand, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Out stepped a mature, nine point buck I had named “Moonshine”. Mainly from the numerous photos I had of him, all at night. I hadn’t seen him in person all season and was shocked he was just standing there.

He walked to within 15 yards of me licking his nose with the wind blowing right past me to him. I waited thinking for sure he was going to out me at any moment.

He never even hesitated as he continued through the woods. He quartered himself to my left before stopping next to a small tree. Turning broadside he began raking his rack against it as I slowly raised my rifle.

I took aim and fired. The round impacted him perfectly as he turned and ran 20 yards to the field edge before dropping.

The Scent Crusher gear had performed its job flawlessly. I was in awe as I had just taken the biggest buck of my life. One I had put countless hours into all season was finally down.

This hunt proved to me that Scent Crusher is my go to product for scent control and more. I had a buck that had dodged me all season just walk in down wind without a clue. I still can’t believe it happened.

I hope it has convinced you to give them a try as well, I promise you won’t regret it.

View all of the Scent Crusher products available on their website. Follow them on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on new products and more.

All photos via Alex Burton.

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Product Review: My Experience with the Scent Crusher Ozone Lineup