Coues Deer

Hunter Downs Unique, Double-Beamed Coues Deer in Mexico

This hunt in Mexico produced a unique buck.

Most hunters know all about whitetail deer. They are only one of the most popular big game animals in North America. Not as many know about the subspecies of whitetail known as the Coues deer. This is a southern whitetail subspecies that is even harder to hunt than its more northern cousins.

This is because the Coues deer often lives in much more arid and rugged areas. Those who have hunted them say this deer is like a ghost. There one minute and then gone the next if you blink at the wrong moment.

While Arizona is a top place to pursue these animals, another great destination spot for the Coues is down in Mexico. In this hunt from SKYNIC HUNTING, you will get a taste of what it is like to purse these animals on their home turf.

In case it was not obvious from the body size of this animal, Coues deer are extremely small. Both in antler and body size. The world record for a non-typical is only around 140 inches. Many of the deer these hunters saw and filmed in this video would be considered shooters by most hunters.

The buck that Skyler harvested here would most definitely be considered a wall hanger even with experience Coues hunters. If for no other reason than the uniqueness of the rack. It is not often you see that kind of a unique, double-beamed rack, much less in a Coues deer. We must agree with the guys in the video, this was a much older deer that was well past his prime.

Coues deer are also sometimes called "the gray ghost." That nickname should be obvious from the deer's light grey coloration that helps them blend into the desert environment and hide from predators. No wonder these deer are so difficult to hunt. We don't know about you, but we are adding a trip to hunt for an elusive Coues deer to our ever expanding hunting bucket list!

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