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The Best Cooling Hats for Summer Will Keep You Comfortable Outside

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The summer heat is coming, which means we're all looking for reliable ways to stay cool while we're enjoying the outdoors. If you already plan to be fishing, hiking, or camping every weekend over the next few months, you'll need special products to help you survive the humidity and heat. Of course, we all know about the lighter shirts you can wear, the water bottles to chug, and the SPF to slather on, but there are so many other great products out there. For instance, having a cooling hat can actually make a huge difference in your overall temp. Yep: a cooling hat.

These must-have hats work in a few different ways when it's hot outside: they are made with breezy, moisture-wicking fabric that help cool you down once they come into contact with your sweat or water, and they dry quickly to keep you comfortable for longer. Many of them also have UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), which works similarly to SPF — so you'll be protected from the sun's rays in addition to feeling protected from the heat. We've seen these come in handy at sporting events, camping trips, music festivals, barbecues, and more. If you're someone who relies on a baseball hat to keep the sun out of your eyes but find them too hot for the summer,  you'll love these hats for the warm months.

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Best Hats for Staying Cool

1.  The Best Baseball Hat

MISSION Cooling Performance Hat- Amazon, $19.97

If you love golfing or long days on the boat, this is the perfect performance hat for most relaxing outdoor activities. When activated with water, it cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 30 seconds. Just wet the inside of the brim, wring it out, and wave it back and forth to activate the cooling technology. This evaporative cooling hat stays cool for up to two hours before you need to wet it again, and it has a high UPF of 50, too. The adjustable hat is machine-washable — and has a bit of a cult-following, with thousands of fans on Amazon giving it a full five-stars. One writes: "This hat lived up to all the hype. I wet it down and wore it on a day that was over 100 degrees. I was out on my walk for about an hour, and it was still cool."

2. The Best Wide-Brimmed Hat


Gear Top UPF Fishing Hat - Amazon, $19.99

This foldable sun hat has a UPF of 50, a drawstring closure, and is lined with mesh fabric to cool your head down and remain breathable all day long. This hat is quick-drying, and they're serious about that: if you dip it in water, it'll dry in about two minutes flat. The hat is also wind-proof, making it the best choice for a day out fishing if you also want some incredible cooling properties. We love the little touches on this hat that prove its quality: it has stainless steel snap buttons that won't rust, and a little clip to hang your hat anywhere or clip it to your backpack.

3. The Most Protective Option


MISSION Sun Defender Hat - Amazon, $34.99

If you are looking for as much protection as you can get, this Mission hat is definitely the way to go: it has a wide brim and a cooling fabric flap to protect your neck and shoulders, too. Like the Mission  baseball hat, it has a UPF of 50 and it activates cooling properties if you drip water on the inner rim, wring, and wave it back and forth. Those cooling properties last for two hours before you need to wet it agai. It's machine-washable, and no matter how many times you put it through a load, the fabric won't lose its cooling properties. Mission is a brand that has a ton of different cooling hats — find which one you like best here.

This post was originally published on May 14, 2021.