Summer Camping Gear Under $50

7 Summer Camping Gear Items Under $50

When it comes to one of our favorite pursuits, it's never a bad time to take stock of what we have divided by what we want. We should all consider the issues of comfort and safety at the beginning of any camping trip. For veteran campers, these things are at the forefront of any planning, whether if it's just for the weekend or a multi-day backcountry trip. For beginners, it might not be so obvious. Insect repellent, sunscreen, good footwear, a quality shelter for any weather, and food and drink are the most important items on anyone's summer camping inventory list. But while camping gear lists will vary according to the type of camping and preferences of campers, having additional supplies and equipment can make all the difference in your overall enjoyment, and we're always on the lookout for things that may not have been on your radar. Since we're dealing with summertime camping excursions, there's a hint of heat that many of these items look to deal with. As the weather gets warmer, so does our desire to get outside. That's all the more reason to look for smart, savvy ways to get the most value out of the summer camping gear we do decide to invest in. These are items you can spare to save on, and then feel better about splurging on bigger, more year-round camping gear items in the long run.

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1. The Coolest Clip-On Bug Battler

GETYOURBUG Dragonfly Wingman (4-Pack)  - Amazon, $39.99

Before you start to laugh, this item has some actual science behind it. Apparently you can clip it on your hat and it will help keep deer flies and horse flies at bay. In certain places during the summer, these insects can be serious problems, well beyond just a general annoyance. This is a really inexpensive, not to mention chemical-free way to keep bugs away from your face. Four for about $10 each means you'll be setting a new fashion trend at the campsite.

2. The Best Budget Way to Light Up The Night

Doukey LED Camping Light (4-Pack) - Amazon, $12.98

Made for camping but just as applicable to hiking, fishing, and backyard patio activities, these lights are priced right and are plenty adaptable. Hook them on a backpack, a tent zipper, a hammock strap, or a tree branch and you can spend more time enjoying summer nights at the campsite.

3. The Best Water Pack You Carry On Your Back

Eclipse 2.0L Hydration Pack - Bass Pro Shops, $29.99

This is another in a long line of good choices for the camping enthusiast that likes to be on the go during the heat of the day. There's literally no easier way to carry water than with a hydration pack, and the Bass Pro Shops Eclipse is one of the least expensive but still reputable ones you'll find on the market. The breathable mesh back panel and two-liter reservoir make this well worth carrying around on your shoulders, even all day if needed. There's a stash pocket and reflective accents for night safety.

4. Most Versatile Head Covering That Cools You Down

BUFF CoolNet UV+ Headwear - Amazon, $16.99

BUFF likes to say their gaiters can be worn 12 (or more!) ways, and are really valuable on sunny days. They're rated UPF 50 and made of recycled REPREVE fabric, but it's the HeiQ cooling technology that pays off the most while camping in the summer. Our editor Eric has used his CoolNet UV for months, and as the temperature gets warmer, he's appreciating it more and more.

5. Battery Operated Camping Fan and Light

Coleman CPX 6 Lighted Tent Fan with Stand - Cabela's, $34.99

This Coleman duo moves a good amount of air for a small fan and doesn't eat up the batteries.

6. The Best Way to Keep Drinks Cool When the Weather's Hot

YETI Rambler Travel Mug - YETI, $42

Whether it's ice water, apple juice, or some adult beverages, having something cold to drink on a hot sumer day makes things all the better. YETI is the original king of double insulated, vacuum sealed drinkware, and this stainless steel mug will be super convenient at the campsite. It's leak resistant thanks to its patented YETI lid, and comes in a ton of colors. You can even customize your Rambler, so you know which one is yours when camping with a group.

7. The Greatest Way to Get a Good Night's Sleep

AEET Camping Hammock with Rain Fly and Mosquito Net - Amazon, $45.99

One really reliable way to beat the heat while camping in the summer is to skip the tent altogether and sleep in a hammock. Tents can bake in the sun and store heat if they aren't properly ventilated with the help of some breeze and a good design. And some would lead you to believe you need a really expensive, $200-plus camping hammock setup to do it right, but that's just not the case. You need a bug net and a rain fly, plus a good hammock (which can be found for less and less money on Amazon these days) and that's it. This combo comes with all that plus some extras and still rings in under $50.

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