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$13 Know Your Knots Bandana Teaches You How to Tie 16 Knots

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Every outdoorsman could use the Know Your Knots Bandana.

Rope is essential for many hikers and campers. Whether you're climbing or boating, you'll need to know how to tie a knot. Knot tying comes naturally for some, but it can be tricky for others. If you don't know many useful knots by heart, you need the Know Your Knots Bandana.

This $13 cotton bandana is actually a survival tool. You could find yourself in an emergency where your life depends on knowing a Prusik knot. The Colter Co. bandana features 16 essential knots. There are excellent explanations of the survival knot diagrams.

Colter Co. Knot Tying Emergency Survival Bandana

You may not have every outdoor skill down, but this knot tying guide will help you get by until you're a knot-tying veteran. It's an excellent gift for outdoor enthusiasts, especially hikers. These hacks could save your life.

  • Essential climbing knots
  • Doubles as washable face mask
  • Backpacking or road trip essential
  • American-made
  • Great gift & addition to bug out bag
  • In stock on Amazon (add to wishlist today)

Linda left a review and said, "My husband has been searching for this type of thing for 30 years. A+++++++."

Another Amazon customer said he used it for a 5-day hike. Be sure also to check out the review below because Charlie seems beyond impressed by the Know Your Knots Bandana.

You can wear it, keep it in your day pack, survival kit, or first aid kit. Many prefer using the rugged bandana as their knot tying guide so they don't ruin their favorite knot book on camping trips.

Not only is it made in the USA, but this bandana is a true essential, and it beats trying to Google "how to tie a knot" in the middle of your hike. Colter Co. also has a fly fishing knot bandana available, and you can choose an option with an insect shield.

You'll find tutorials on how to tie arbor knots, uni knots, nail knots, and more. As for the insect shield spec, it repels mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, and more. For more camping gear and survival gadgets like this, visit Amazon or

This post was originally published in 2020.