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Converted 10x18 Shed Tiny Home Shows Simplicity Is Sometimes Best

Simplicity is key with this Alaskan tiny house.

For many people, the concept of getting rid of all their material possessions and living simply and tiny is an appealing one. Because these homes can fit almost anywhere, they're a good way to get back in touch with nature too because the outdoors essentially become part of your living space.

In this video, tiny home owner Jodie travelled around the world, including to some poorer countries which made her reassess the things she needed in life. It led to her deciding to simplify her life by getting rid of most of her things and moving into a converted 10x10 shed.

This is as simple as it gets for a tiny home setup and it would make the ideal backcountry getaway or fishing and hunting cabin. Check it out for some cool ideas on what to do for your own tiny home.

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This home does not have any running water, and thus, no shower or toilet facilities. Jodie instead makes use of her parent's home on the same property for showers and water. It's also where the electricity comes from. Of course, in a more remote setting, a setup like this would be easy to go off-grid with using solar panels.

The only real downside we see here is the outhouse, which each person's comfort will vary on. If you're only going to use something like this for a hunting or fishing cabin, most people have no problems dealing with that for a few days. If you don't like heading outside on a cold winter's night, you might consider an off-grid bathroom setup of some kind.

In any case, we like the simplicity of Jodie's home. We always enjoy seeing the ways people re-purpose different materials for use in a tiny home like this one. It helps give us ideas for our own possible tiny cabin project in the future!

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