Here's What Surprised Us in Consumer Reports' Top Cars for 2018

Chevy managed to oust Toyota's Prius in Consumer Reports' Top 10 Cars list. Hell has frozen over.

Consumer Reports just put out its Top 10 Cars list for 2018 and it's raising some eyebrows, in a good way. Old standbys saw some love, but it's the move toward a more pocket-friendly future that has Consumer Reports turning heads.

Toyota, not a stranger to the Top 10 Cars list, picked up four spots and Chevrolet etched out two spots. New kid on the block Genesis—Hyundai's luxury arm—ranked the highest-rated brand and the Chevy Bolt toppled the Toyota Prius as the best electric vehicle. Yes, that Chevy Bolt.


Consumer Reports' Director of Automotive Testing, Jake Fisher, said this upset in the industry is due to the Bolt's "further proof" that electric cars are bleeding into the mainstream more seamlessly as prices fall and performance improves.

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How The Mighty Fall

Electric vehicles haven't made the impact car companies have wanted them to and that may have to do with the price tag. But last year the Bolt became the first EV to rice below $30,000 after cutting in the $7,500 federal tax credit. Plus, its battery-charge range has grown, now hitting an EPA-estimated 238 miles in distance.

Could the Bolt finally catch on or at least help in changing the game from a Toyota-dominated field?

And speaking of Toyota, the Japanese automaker still crushed the competition for the Top 10 Cars list. Even though the Prius got knocked off, four cars still stayed on top. The Corolla took honors as the top Compact Car for its fuel efficiency and practicality, and the Camry, probably the most underrated sedan out there, took home the prize for leading Midsize Car.

Other Notable Wins

Here's a look at some other winners who topped Consumer Reports' Top 10 Cars list for 2018:

  • The Subaru Forester as the Top Compact SUV
  • Ford's F-150 as Best Full-Sized Pickup Truck
  • Audi's A4 as Best Luxury Compact Car
  • The BMW X3 as Top Luxury Compact SUV

What's your consensus on this list? Anything overrated or missing? Let us know!

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