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Coming to a Fishing Shop Near You: The Bait-Cavity Lure

Michael Burke/The Journal Times

Ever heard of "bait-cavity technology"?

Probably not, since a Wisconsin man just recently patented the new way to lure in salmon, trout and other fish. Bill Madala came up with the idea about three years ago. Simply put, the bait-cavity technology adds smell to lures in a new way.

"I just thought about opening one (lure) up one time, cutting it open, making a prototype and putting everything inside of it so it leaves out a scent trail," says Madala.

His U.S. patented lures have hollow tails that detach from the heads. A variety of baits can be put into the tail and then snapped back onto the head. Madala says the bait-cavity technology can also help those with limited motor skills (or desire) to hook live bait. He also says that the live bait will last longer, and stay fresher, in the cavity.

The single-tail lure is more like a body bait. The double-tail mimics frog legs, he says. Madala worked with Peter Jansson of intellectual property law firm Jansson, Munger, McKinley & Kirby to receive the patents. Jansson says the patents cover any lure, of any size or shape, for any type of fishing, that uses his bait-cavity technology. Now that the patents are in place, Madala is looking for investors or a licensing deal for his new lures.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Why didn't I think of that?!


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Coming to a Fishing Shop Near You: The Bait-Cavity Lure