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5 Antique Fishing Lures Worth a Pretty Penny

These are the five most valuable antique fishing lures.

Have you ever stumbled on some vintage tackle at a garage sale or in your relative's attic and wondered, "Is this stuff worth anything?"

Well, if you've acquired any of these five lures, I've got some good news for you: You're flush.

These lures are worth thousands and thousands of dollars. In fact, the antique fishing lure pictured above, the Giant Haskell Minnow, sold at auction for $101,200.

You could buy all the tackle you'd ever desired with that amount of scratch, or better yet, buy a spiffin' new boat.

So what makes these vintage lures so valuable? In general, the value of an antique fishing lure is determined by its scarcity, beauty, craftsmanship and condition. The five lures highlighted in this slideshow are all super rare, and most of them were made more than a century ago.

Once in a while, a collector will turn up with one of these lures or claim that there are more in existence, but really there are only a few of them out there in the big wide world.

Most of these vintage lures are featured on Bassmaster's list The 35 Most Valuable Antique Lures. Their list is definitely worth checking out.

Check out the 5 most valuable antique fishing lures.