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5 Unexpected (and Cheap) Tackle Box Essentials

tackle box essentials

Add these five things to your tackle box. You’ll thank us later.

There are certain things we all keep in our tackle boxes: lures, hooks, weights, etc. Those are a given. Here are five things you have laying around your house you might not have thought to pack.

1. Superglue

This can be used for many different purposes while you’re on the water. It can help you if you get a small cut on your hand. It might temporarily fix something on your boat. Its biggest use, though, is with soft plastic baits. Add a dab of superglue to your jighead and your bait will not slide down. This one is on the list of life essentials, not to mention tackle box essentials, for many reasons.

2. Wire

Wrapping wire around your treble hooks will help suspend your baits like jerkbaits. It will also add a little bit of depth, so they’ll dive deeper. Another use for the wire is to help secure your soft plastic swimbaits to a jighead. Add some wraps and leave long tag ends, and you’ll have a built-in wire keeper to prevent the bait from sliding down.

3. Alka Seltzer

This will help if you drank too much the night before.

All kidding aside, Alka Seltzer inserted into a soft plastic tube is a little trick anglers have been using for years. A broken-up piece inside the bait will leave a strong bubble trail for added attraction.

4. Toothpicks

tackle box essentials

These work well for pegging sliding weights. Insert the toothpick and then break a small piece off inside of the weight. It will keep your weight from sliding up and down your line. Toothpicks are tackle box essentials because they can also help you pick a backlash in your reel.

5. Electrical Tape

This is really a must for your boating repair box, but it serves a great purpose for fishing. If you wacky-rig your soft plastic baits, a piece of electrical tape will serve as a place to insert your hook. This will keep it snug and secure, and you will preserve the bait as well, as you no longer need to hook the bait itself. Just slide the hook behind the tape. One trick is to cut the electrical tape to the width you desire. Half of a standard piece of tape is more than wide enough to hold your hook.

Did we miss anything you keep in your tackle box?


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5 Unexpected (and Cheap) Tackle Box Essentials