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Rachel Pasche

Coleman Camping Cot Review (2021): Sleep Well Outdoors Again

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The more I go camping, the more I realize how much I value a good night's sleep on a comfy bed, and most sleeping pads and sleeping bags aren't quite cutting it.

It's one thing when you're backpacking and trying to pack as little weight in as possible, but when you're car camping and weight isn't much of an issue, bringing along a cot bed or inflatable mattress like the Coleman Camping Cot is a no-brainer, especially once you compare the quality of sleep on a camping cot to a standard sleeping bag.

I use Coleman for a lot of my camping gear: my camping tent, camp stove, camp chairs, folding table, and kitchen set are all from that brand, mostly because I think it offers great durability for the price, it's not overly flashy or expensive, and it all works really well.

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo | Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables and Battery Operated Pump

I've never owned a portable cot, so the Coleman Camping Cot was something I was really excited to try, especially considering how poorly I tend to sleep on a sleeping pad. It came in a carry bag which was convenient but alarmed me at first. One of my least favorite things about my tent is trying to get it back into the storage bag. It takes two people a lot of time and effort to fit the tent back in there, and I was nervous this tent cot might fall into the same boat.

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo | Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables and Battery Operated Pump

Rachel Pasche

We took out all the pieces and read the manual, praying for an easy setup that would be convenient and quick enough to do while camping and simple enough that even the most beginner camper (referring to my boyfriend here) could be tasked with it. The pump for the air mattress is included, just remember to grab some D batteries for it. It took us less than seven minutes to set up the entire bed (we timed it), which comes in a super luxurious queen-size that makes my little sleeping pad seem puny in comparison.

This folding camping cot was a huge surprise, though in hindsight, I should have trusted Coleman to make a great camping bed. The heavy-duty steel frame can support up to 600 pounds, which is more than enough for my partner and me to comfortably sleep. The inflatable mattress on this sleeping cot was surprisingly comfortable, and we've even added a mattress pad to it and set it up as a guest bed in our house when we had visitors. There are even cupholders and little pull-out shelf things on the sides, so you can keep your phone, water bottle, and other items nearby.

Due to the wildfires and fire restrictions in Arizona, I haven't been able to take this out on a camping trip, but I took it to a local park just to get a feel for how easy it was to transport and set up in the outdoors. Still easy peasy. For size reference, the man in the photo is 6'4", and he still fits comfortably.

The absolute biggest and best surprise of the whole thing was how easily foldable and collapsible this deluxe cot is. We easily fit it into the storage bag without any issues, even after setting it up and taking it down several times. For the price you pay and the ease of ordering it on Amazon, I'd absolutely recommend the Coleman Camping Cot to anyone who values their sleep and has a little extra room in their car trunk for this camp cot.