Cold Weather in Florida Forcing Copperheads to Find Warmth in Dog Park

These frigid temperatures are really wreaking havoc around the country.

Including in Florida, where venomous snakes are coming out of the woodworks in order to find warmer places to hide. The Coral Springs Police of Coral Springs, Florida, posted a public service announcement warning dog owners of deadly copperhead snakes showing up at the local dog park.

The entire state of Florida has been seeing record low temperatures, with below-freezing temperatures recorded in Tampa, and along the east coast of the Sunshine State. The cold is disrupting animals' routines, as they are used to warmer weather. Florida made animal news during the first winter front earlier this year when it was so cold that iguanas were falling out of trees.

Copperhead snakes are much more deadly than hibernating iguanas. Even though it is cold, and the snakes don't move as fast as they normally do, if you or your dog steps on a hidden copperhead it can be fatal.

Check out how well copperheads can blend in with their surroundings with this photo posted by a herptologist on Twitter.


The Coral Springs Police will have a humane unit officer on call to remove any snakes found in the Sportplex dog park. In the meantime, they are looking around the park for any snake nests or burrows. If you live in the Coral Springs area and find a snake, call (954) 344-1800.

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