CMMG Might Just Have the Best Platform for the 5.7 Round

Attention gun enthusiasts: you'd better jump on board with CMMG, as Mk57 GUARD now comes chambered in FN 5.7x28.

How shocking is this? There's even more big news coming from the CMMG camp. Don't look now, but CMMG continues to grab the shooting world by storm by bringing innovation and uniqueness to the AR market. The release of the MK57 Guard chambered in FN 5.7x28 is a huge draw to gun nuts and it looks to be the best platform for the round at the moment.

We covered the release of the new line of AR pistols and short-barreled rifles chambered in FN 5.7x28mm a while back. However, the buzz seemingly continues to grow across the gun world.

Alabama Arsenal runs the Banshee through pretty much every scenario you can think of to showcase just why this is the best platform for the 5.7. You have to see how it performs!

With incredible depth, creativity and insight, Alabama Arsenal does an outstanding job of painting the picture of what this unique setup is capable of. The gun is so easy on the eyes, which is a result of its incredibly fluid design. When you factor in the ambidextrous qualities it carries with CMMG's ambi-charging handle, as well as the double-sided safety switch, there aren't many bad things you could say about it.

Not only do they break down the firearm, but they test out a handful of suppressors from Silencer Shop to give you an idea of what packages well with the Mk57 Banshee. Which if you aren't familiar with Silencer Shop, it really is the only way to go about suppressing your firearm, so be sure to look into that.

Beyond showcasing the accuracy at its bread-and-butter distance of 200 yards, they even stretched it out to 500 yards with a hit on target. Pretty stinking impressive for a SBR, right?

Make sure to thoroughly sift through the video and absorb all the information it includes. The proven ergonomics of this platform really just make this a no-brainer if you're considering adding a 5.7-caliber firearm to your collection.

According to them, it's even better than the PS90!

Whether you're a 3-gun shooter, a predator hunter or an AR enthusiast, be sure to check out more from CMMG, as there's probably something that'll hit your sweet spot.