Sportswoman Courtney Uses a CMMG 22LR Upper for a Genius 3-Gun Training Adjustment

Check out how this shooter preps for her first 3-Gun competition in a more affordable and suitable fashion.

Have you ever heard the phrase "work smarter, not harder" before?

Due to her shooting range circumstances, Sportswoman Courtney finds an alternative, yet more beneficial route for her 3-gun training, adding the CMMG 22LR upper for her AR.

Courtney Smith has established quite the presence on social media and YouTube. She's a very avid hunter, but recently she decided to take on the challenge of competing in her first 3-Gun competition. However, she ran into a few issues in training.

To overcome those obstacles, she used the help of a CMMG 22LR Upper on her AR. CMMG is an American-made success story with a wide variety of AR-style firearms. They have been quickly growing in the hunting and shooting worlds and their products speak for themselves. I can personally attest, as I own one of their 22 Nosler rifles.

In this video Smith explains the advantages of going the 22LR route, which an include affordability, safer conditions and less noise.

With a quick change of the upper and having the CMMG 22LR piece installed, she completely revolutionized how she practiced her 3-Gun routine.

Obviously .223 or 5.56 ammo is going to be harder on the wallet than .22 shells. And, she's able to practice her routine with the same AR-style platform, using the same housing, trigger, safety and stock.

If a 22LR upper is something you're interested in for similar reasons, be sure to check out CMMG.

Hopefully the ability to get a little more practice at her personal range will help Smith's chances at her next 3-Gun competition.

Be safe and shoot straight!