Decoy Dogs

Decoy Dogs Do Their Thing with Agitated Coyotes

Calm, cool, and collective, decoy dogs are highly trained for their duties and make this style of coyote hunting extremely effective.

Decoy dogs. Ever heard of them? They are highly trained, super focused, and extremely effective dogs that help coyote hunters put more predators down.

Just like a duck dog (or any hunting dog for that matter), these dogs are passionate and driven and seek the approval of their owners by pleasing them on the hunts. Coyote hunting with decoy dogs seems to often cause some controversy via the anti-hunting crowd and even some hunters at times.

People believe the dog's safety is being put into question and they are being put in danger by line of fire as well and attacks from the coyotes. These are people who are not educated on the matter, and people who are likely just making assumptions.

Obviously, owners and hunters love their dogs like family. A bond between and man and his hunting partner is a special thing. By no means are these hunters trying to risk a dog's life to get a shot off. They wait for prime opportunities, like you will see in this video.

As for the coyotes causing harm to the dogs, this is not of concern either. These dogs are highly specialized in getting coyotes in close and intriguing them to move into range with a game of cat and mouse.

It is rather fascinating to see it unfold. Watch as these decoy dogs go to work and help these coyote hunters come up successful while decoying in some really agitated coyotes.

One of my favorite parts of predator hunting with decoy dogs is watching the coyotes' body language and hearing the vocalizations. With most coyote hunts, you run an electronic call, the coyotes play the wind and work towards what they think is a meal, you aim your firearm (sometimes at incredibly long distances), and pull the trigger. Obviously, a lot more goes into it than that, but not very often do you see a ton of body language when coyote calling.

With the decoy dogs at work, these coyotes are hunching their back, showing their teeth, trotting with their tail tucked beneath their legs, and a whole lot more. This video was loaded with some interesting coyote reactions and it is neat to watch. It adds a whole new flare to hunting coyotes.

The shooting range you have to reach is made easy with these dogs. One of the greatest benefits of using decoy dogs is that if you can bring in multiple coyotes, there is a good chance the others with stay around after the first shot because of curiosity and area dominance.

Hunting decoy dogs is effective and necessary, so don't knock it until you understand it fully. The proof is in this clip: coyote decoy dogs work.