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This Turkey Hunter Endured a Serious Bobcat Attack

Turkey hunter keeps the camera rolling when he calls in a bobcat, and we all get to see the bobcat attack!

We have to get our entertainment somehow, right? Luckily this hunter films this dangerously close encounter and we can just sit back at a safe distance and enjoy…

“Watch what happens when a Virginia turkey hunter and American Hunter reader calls in something other than a gobbler on an early spring morning. Ouch!”

Gladly, it seems as though no one was injured when the bobcat attacked, but it sure makes for a great video.

Most of us probably wouldn’t have let the bobcat get so close, perhaps our shotguns would have done away with the possibility of an attack, but not this hunter. Like a true cameraman, he keeps filming to the end.

Nice video guys, next time maybe you shouldn’t let an animal with such sharp claws get close enough to potentially do some damage!



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This Turkey Hunter Endured a Serious Bobcat Attack